String Art: Wisconsin Love

I was in the mood for a cheap weekend project, and came across this tutorial. Of course, living in Wisconsin for the past five years, I’ve become pretty fond of it, so instead of Ohio, I wanted to create a Wisconsin piece.

I immediately went to Craft Mecca (oh, sorry, I mean Hobby Lobby) and picked up:

  • a piece of wood
  • white paint
  • gold nails
  • red string

I started by painting the whole board with three coats of white paint (I painted until I couldn’t see the wood grain anymore) and letting it dry. During that process, I went online, found a decent-sized map of Wisconsin, printed it off, and started cutting it out along the border. I also cut out a heart around Madison, my home of five years.

I taped the map all cut out in the center of the block and started hammering the nails around the edges, sticking up enough to tie string around.

Once those were all in place (including around the heart), I tied a piece of red string to one nail, and went back and forth between the outer nails and inner (heart) nails, looping the string around the nails. Here’s the final product!

I will admit, the first time I looped all the string around, it looked really bare and sort of silly, so I started over and made sure to loop around some nails twice to get a fuller look. Don’t loop your strings too tightly or the nails within the heart will start to be pulled out! This was a fun, cheap, and easy project and I’d say it took me about 1.5 hours tops! It now hangs beautifully on my wall next to my ‘Pubs of Madison’ poster.